Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Happy Wednesday! Hope you had a great weekend. I didn't do too much. Spent time with my boyfriend and then on Sunday, I went to a birthday party to celebrate a princess birthday :) Now this week, I'm just trying to relax and prep for this weekend coming up because I'll be going to the most magical place on earth! Can you guess where?! ;)
I'm SO excited! And I'm going with the best people ever :) Make sure to follow me on instagram to see fun photos! Anyways, I wanted to share some of my goals that I want to implement and accomplish for 2018! I refer to them as goals because it just sounds more appealing and reasonable than "resolutions". Resolutions sound like chores to me, or something that I'm dreading to do...I know some of you can feel me on this! Setting goals is a more realistic way to look at things you want to do in life; whether they are short term or long term; setting them (and writing them down) makes them seem closer than you think, and when they do finally happen...its is very rewarding. No goal is too small or too big in this lifetime, absolutely nothing is unattainable, I hope you know that!

So its a mix of both short and long term goals. And I'll also share outfit details at the end. If you have any particular goals you want to share...please write them in the comments :)

2018 goals

1. Take Poshmark more seriously. This is something that I've thought about for a while and I know I can do it! This is ongoing and I know it'll pay off :) I just got new business cards and they came out so great!

2. Being more intentional when doing things. Something as simple as making more time to do things you enjoy. This is big. I usually do this right after work. 

3. Reading more. I use to read SO much before, and I have stopped to be honest. It makes me kind of sad because I always enjoyed it. I promised myself I'll make more time for it. 

4. Less talk, more action. I can't tell you how many times I do this. I'm the queen of being indecisive about things. I'm totally working on this. This includes from doing things I really want to do, but holding off on it because of some excuse I have in my head. Not anymore.

5. Post twice a week on the blog. I usually post once a week, but I'm aiming on posting more! I have so much respect for the ones that blog/post every day! It's a lot of work!

6. Taking a weekend off of social media. I know this sounds silly, but since I have this blog, I feel obligated to be active on social media at all times. It can be exhausting and draining from time to time. So I'm thinking of taking off one weekend a month and see how that goes. I was without internet for a week when I was on vacation on a cruise and it was great to be honest. We could truly live without it, but we choose not to!

7. Continue to save money. I'm good at saving money, but I know I could be better. I could go without the extra menchies yogurt on the weekend, or a new pair of shoes. Everything adds up! And before you know it, you could've had a significant amount put away, but you chose to spend it on temporary pleasures. I have a blog post on (the art of money) money. You could read it HERE.

8. A healthier diet. I mean a "diet" as in try to maintain & continue eating better food choices. Especially during the week. I could totally eat better than I do, but I choose not to. It's definitely a priority this year to try and change it completely. 

OUTFIT: I've worn this top before, but I believe in re-wearing and styling things differently in your closet. This is a great outfit for everyday. Weather its in cooler temperatures or a warmer climate, this outfit is great for both! I really love this chiffon striped top. Its lightweight and the ruffles makes it much more interesting. Its true to size and very versatile. Would look great with shorts too. These jeans are also great. I've had them for a while as they are the one pair that I own that are reaaaally distressed. LOL. I thought the distressed detailed complimented the flowey feminine ruffles here! I also love how these mules look with the stripes! Its like the shoes completed the entire outfit! This fuschia color is amazing and dresses up any piece in your closet. The fact that they are flats makes them even better!

Cooler temps: Add a black jacket and lightweight scarf. Add printed tights under the jeans. It'll keep you warm and look cute too ;) 

Top: Same style here
Jeans: Charlotte Russe / Love these & great selections here
Shoes: Target / same style here and here

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