Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday. 
So I wanted to do something different this week. I haven't had a chance to go to my local Target in WEEKS! I know right?! What a miracle. So I thought it would be fun to scope out the store and try on some pieces that would be fun to sport now and for the Spring! It's kind of like taking you to the fitting room with me! :) Andd, if I find it online, I'll be sure to link it below!

I am loving these new brands that Target is adding to their clothes dept.

Now I went to Target to specifically check out their new line called, Universal Threads! Its a collection made up of jeans for every body type, and all jeans have amazing stretch! They also have a curated collection of tops, shorts, and even jewelry!

So let's get started:

Shop here: White Lace Top $22.99
Brand: Xhiliration
Fit: True to size (I'm a L)

This top was the first item I tried on. I instantly fell in love with it and its one of the pieces I purchased! It's $23. I adore the lace detail around the neck area. 

Shop here: jeans/jeggings $34.99
Brand: Universal Threads
Fit: True to Size (I'm a 10/30reg)

Here's the lace top with a pair of jeans from the Universal Threads line! Loved the fit and the subtle "paint splatter" on the side. It made them more interesting than your regular jeans!

Shop here: jeans $27.99
Brand: Universal Threads
Fit: True to size (I'm a 10/30 reg)

These jeans were my favorite! I love the button detail in the front and they have an adorable raw hem at the bottom! I may go back and get these ;)

Shop here: Top $24.99
Brand: Who What Wear
Fit: True to size (I'm a L)

I paired the jeans with this chic ruffle top! Loved the fit and how comfortable it was. It goes great with these jeans!

Shop here: T-shirt $9.99
Brand: A New Day
Fit: True to size 
(I'm a L but got the XL because that was the only size left. LOL)

One of my fav purchases. I loved this simple graphic tee. There's just endless possibilities on how to style it, so I definitely picked this one up! It's also made very nicely.

Shop here: Shorts $16.99
Brand: Universal Threads
Fit: Runs big, size down!
 (I tried on a size 10 and a size 8..the 8 fit better!)

I love how the tee looks with these blush pink shorts. My fav part of these is definitely the color and that they are high-waisted! They are also so comfortable and have the same type of stretch like the jeans!

(More Love, Please.)

Shop here: Dress $23.08 (on clearance!)
Brand: Xhiliration
Fit: True to size (I'm a L)

This was a random find, but the color was amazing, so I grabbed it and tried it on! It is such a great color but wasn't too sure on the cut. It definitely has a romantic feel to it. I didn't end up getting it though.

Shop here: Dress $ 27.99
Brand: A New Day

I didn't try this on but I had to snap a photo..its such a beautiful color and screams Spring. 
I kind of want to go back to Target tomorrow just to try this dress on ;) haha

Shop here: Blush Mules $22.99
Brand: A New Day
Size: True to Size

These are so chic and comfortable! The blush tone is perfect for Spring!

Shop here: Slide Sandals $12.48 (on clearance!)
Brand: A New Day
Fit: Runs small, size up!

These surprised me. They are actually very very pretty in person. 
Would go great with an easy casual outfit. :)

Shop here: Bow Flats $22.99
Brand: A New Day
Fit: True to size
 (I tried on size 11 and were too 10 for sure for me!)

These are a dream! I was bummed they didn't have my size in store. They are very stylish and I will be ordering these online soon :)

Shop here: Sandals $19.99
Brand: A New Day
Fit: True to size

This powder blue color is so beautiful, especially in this sandal silhouette. I tried these on in a nude color. Super chic AND comfortable.

Shop here: Leopard Espadrille mules $24.99
Brand: DV
Fit: True to size

These are super comfy and are a great neutral shoe to have. Yes, leopard is a least to me. 
Very versatile and goes great with just about anything.

I really hope you liked this post. If you did, please let me know in the comments below. 
I always appreciate feedback.

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  1. Such a good idea for a post!!!! I love target jeans, their mossimo brand for jeans is my fave. So now I'm going to have to check these out!