Wednesday, March 21, 2018

So happy to finally welcome Spring. Spring has officially started as of yesterday and wanted to share this floral dress with you all.

Maxi dresses has to be one of the easiest pieces of clothing in my closet. I say its easy because all you really need is to find what shoes to wear and a few accessories and you're set! Any type of florals during the Spring time are timeless. Although for me, I wear them all day, everyday.This passed weekend I'm pretty sure I wore some type of floral top lol. Anyways, this particular dress is one of my favorites because of the "off-the-shoulder' action. It's one feature that I usually look for in any type of printed dress; reason being because it's super comfy and stylish at the same time. I also prefer it to a dress that only has a thin strap detail.. OTS overall just feels more dressy and chic; any time you could casually "overdress"..why not?! 

So this is a dress I'd wear alone just how I did here, but theres also endless way to jazz it up. Here I added a cropped denim jacket, which gave the dress a little bit more life since the floral print is more on the darker side. That's the beauty about denim..it instantly elevates any look that you're wearing, and I love how it looks alongside this dress. It's also nice to have if the weather is a bit chilly than the usual. Another reason that I love (floral) maxi dresses is because they are wearable to almost any occasion. Wether its on vacation, date night, get together, girls night, BBQ or anywhere your heart desires, you'll be sure to look put together with very little effort.

If you're a bit hesitant on print, try adding florals in a more subtle way; for instance, in a hand bag or jeans that feature floral appliques.

Photos by: Coco Michele

Denim jacket: SplurgeSteal
Floral Maxi Dress: Target  / Try this one
Choker Necklace: Here ($8!)
Sunglasses: Similar Here ($8!)

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