Thursday, March 22, 2018

I was blown away with the amount of comments/impressions this outfit received on my social media. So I decided to go into it in more depth. Although these photos aren't the best, I still wanted to include them. 

Now all of these pieces have been worn on the blog a handful of times; the key word to remember here is : "re-styling". It's definitely easy to go and purchase a new outfit to wear to a special event, but I really wanted to experiment and see what I could come up with what I already own. So this is what I came up with! 


The top (which is really a bodysuit) was previously styled with a pair of flared jeans! 

The scalloped edge shorts (wooo, ive worn these so many times lol). These have been worn with tights before like you see here, alone with a tee and camo jacket, a plain layered white button down, and I cant think of the other ways at the moment..but I know I've worn other ways as well. SO, a pair of good black shorts are great to have because they can be worn multiples ways.

The leopard booties have been worn with shorts most of the time, but they also look great with a pair of skinny jeans.

So I took a bit of inspiration from the previous outfits and incorporated all of these together. One of (current) my fav outfits now! And I'm glad I was able to wear the bodysuit again because this would be the second or third time of wearing it out. LOL. 


Top // Shorts (identical!) // Tights // Booties // 

As for my hair, I wanted to try something new! I almost always straighten my hair after I wash it bc I hate the texture and how big it looks right after I wash it so I have to tame it some way lol.

So this hair is inspired by Arianna Grande and her iconic high pony with half of her hair down. This took me a couple attempts I will not lie. By the third attempt I was ready to give up because my arms were on fire LOL. So I simply separated my hair into two parts and made a high ponytail. While I did this I tied the bottom part of my hair so it would stay out of the way and look neat. 

So once I had the pony tail in place, I took a piece of hair from the same top section of the pony tail and wrapped it around the area where u would see the hair tie. After I was done I pinned it down with a bobby pin and spread out the hair so it hid the pin ;) I then took my hair straightener and curled the ends of my hair...and thats about it!

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