10 reasons why your happiness should be your #1 priority

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I literally thought about writing this out on a limb because I initially wanted to post all of my cutesy photos from this passed weekend in Orlando (ill be sharing them later anyways...but still). But my emotions got the best of me...and here we are.
I'm a very emotional person, I feel things very deeply, and sometimes I could get offended quite easily to be honest...especially if it comes from someone I respect and care about. I'm intense, I'll catch myself crying over something I over analyzed in my head, and then I have to stop and say to myself....helloooo, what the hell are you crying for? Lol.  Every time I feel myself go down this path (which is pretty often unfortunately) I try to shift my energy and focus into things that really make me happy. Not on some temporary feelings, not on some silly argument that the next day it'll seem like it never happened. I try to always make this space a light of positive vibes, somewhere you could come after work and spend some time obsessing over little frivolous things, but its not always like that I'm afraid. I only show about 10% of my life via social media. Some people adore painting this picture perfect act on little squares on instagram or try to act like their life is always fab and perfect...well I'd hate to burst your precious little bubble...because its not! People seem to think that bloggers have this awesome life and that we don't go through daily struggles like the rest. Again, you see what I choose to show....not that my life isn't amazing, because it is...but its not "amazing" every minute of everyday..hope that makes sense.

So, I follow Cara Leyba from The Champagne diet on social media a lot because I love her message and her brand. Many of her messages resonate with me on so many levels...so a couple of these are inspired by her.

Why should your happiness be your # 1 priority...? (read these out loud)

- Because I deserve it.

-Because life is so incredibly short and its silly to worry about things that ultimately don't matter.

-Because when I'm happy, magic happens.

-Because when I put my happiness first, everything else falls into place

-Because happiness goes hand in hand with gratitude, and feeling thankful is a way I always want to feel.
-Because I thrive when I feel like my best self.

-Because I do not have time for bad vibes or negativity.

-Because focusing on anything that brings me down does not serve me in any way.

-Because ultimately, no one can bring me down from my happy vibes except myself.

-Because when I'm happy, everyone around me feeds off that, so there's no room for low vibrations.

thanks for reading.
hope this lifts you up in some way.

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