This has to be one of my favorite outfits to date! I absolutely love dressing up casual outfits. I knew I wanted to incorporate more red in the blog, especially this month for Valentine's Day! I promised I'd style another outfit for v-day to give you all some ideas, so this is one I came up with; especially if you're looking for a quick AND cute date night outfit...this is it! So I finally got my hands on these red bow heels! They've been in my cart for I don't know how long but I was never able to justify the purchase until now. I actually have these in a nude taupe color, but I always wanted to add them in another bold I went with these red ones! Although they aren't the most comfortable, they really dress up your outfit and help elongate your frame to appear taller ;) 

I knew I wanted to style these shoes with something relating to Valentine's Day, so... guess where I went to find a cute tee....? You guessed it, I went to Target. lol. I wasn't too sure of the look I was going for, however, I know Target always has adorable seasonal shirts so I decided to check it out. I ended up finding the one I'm wearing here! It's simple and cute, but also appropriate for Valetine's. :) I also liked it because of the saying it has: "Feeling Good". I am all about positivity when it comes to styling and dressing this tee was perfect, and it was only $15! I wore the shirt with a pair of high-waisted jeans (my fav!) and I also wore a red lip here too! I also added a touch of leopard print with the belt because I believe leopard and red always go so great together!

Also! Another detail that really pulls a look together is how you style your hair! I am usually such a plain jane and usually have it straight or I curl the tips (which last maybe like 2 hours lol). But when I actually put effort in acheiving a hairstyle, its always worth it! :)

Another great way to wear the tee and the heels:

-with a long duster coat on top
-Red or black blazer
- a black pencil skirt
-black moto jacket

Hope you re-create this look for V-day! :)

Tee shirtTarget ($15 and true to size!)
Jeans: old from Target / but I recommend ANY 
high-waisted denim from AE, they are amazing!
Check them out Here
Red Bow Heelshere (true to size!)
Leopard print beltSheIn ($4!)
Red Lipstickhere (the truest red, ever!)
Sunglasseshere (My ultimate fav)

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