Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hey everyone!
I wanted to share some items to give you all ideas for Valentine's Day to gift. I included a variety of different categories and almost everything is affordable :) 

Some of the items you see here are a couple of my favorites like:

The Fenty Beauty Lip Paint in the shade Uncensored: I have mentioned it before but whenever you see me rock a red lip...its this color! Would make a great little gift and the quality is amazing and it lasts all day!

I also have the "Feeling Great" tee from Target. I thought it was so fun when I saw it. I will be styling it for the blog soon and I can't wait for you all to see :)

I also included the Beauty Blender! I recently got into it and now I realize I'm not sure how I did my makeup without one..its So good! :)

I also may have ordered those gorgeous red bow heels. I wear the heck out of the taupe bow heels on my blog, so I thought it was time to get them in red. These would also make a great gift (plus they are super affordable) !

everything is clickable and shoppable below! :)
(If on mobile, turn your phone horizontal for a better shopping experience!)

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