Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Thanks for stopping by! I know I have been kind of distant on social media, but I always always ALWAYS try my best to update my blog. So if you don't see me active on instagram, also know to check my blog for new posts and updates! Although I love social media, this blog is my real passion ;) Just an FYI!

I wanted to share this striped romper I purchased a couple weeks ago from the Vineyard Vines and Target collaboration! This was one of my favorite pieces! Did you get anything from the collection?! I honestly was a bit underwhelmed, but I always love when Target comes out with these limited collections; I almost always snag at least one item; This time around it was this romper! I really love that its 100% cotton and it was only $30! ;) I was also surprised at how flattering it is on. Can't wait to wear it again :) I have always been a fan of stripes. Wether it be horizontal or vertical, I love wearing the pattern! So I really enjoyed how they incorporated both stripes in this romper! This romper is so so cute for the Summer time. Great to wear it to go shopping, to the beach, on vacation...basically anywhere where it isnt cold lol. 

My sandals are also from Target. These are super trendy right now. I feel like so many different designers have their own version of them. However, I like these because they are super affordable AND of good quality. You can't beat that!

Oh! And these $12 sunglasses are my latest obsession! They are made of such nice quality and they also come in a couple of different colors. I chose this pair because they have a nice tortoise trim with the gold hardware :) I highly recommend these..go get a pair! 

Lastly, I wanted to talk about my backpack. I purchased it recently via Poshmark! I wanted to mention it because this bag is pretty new and I found it on Poshmark for a great price! Less than what it was on the Kate Spade website! Tip from me: If you are looking for something in specific, 99% of the time, someone on Poshmark has it up for sale for a better price point or at least below retail! If you're new around here, I love poshmark and have written several posts about it! I encourage you to go and check them out! I'll leave them here below:

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

Striped Romper: Target (sold out, but its on Poshmark!)
Find it: here (XS) , here (L) , here (M) 
Also here are some very similar options that I really love too:

Sandalshere (true to size!)
Sunglasseshere ($12!)
Backpack: Kate Spade via Poshmark / Same one in gray here

* If you decide to shop via poshmark, use my code: ESTEPHANIE90 for $10 toward your first purchase!

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