Monday, August 3, 2020

Hi ! I wanted to share these awesome $15 sunglasses. I was browsing the Target app (what a surprise! lol) and I came across these sunnies! They instantly reminded me of the Quay Australia style called the High Key sunglasses in the style "black fades". I've coveted those sunglasses for a while but I still haven't gotten myself to purchase them; now I'm glad that I didn't because these Target ones are identical and are only $15 ! They are the brand Wild Fable. If you are familiar with Target brands, you'll know Wild Fable is a popular one because they have great closet staples for such amazing price points! :)

Target version... $15!
What I love about these is that they are such nice quality and feel very sturdy. They don't feel cheap nor flimsy. Usually when you purchase cheap sunglasses they tend to feel cheaply made (duh lol) but not these!

These are the Quay Australia version that are $65!

Wild Fable / Target version: HERE - $15
Quay Australia "High Key Fades": HERE - $65

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