Wednesday, December 8, 2021

We had such a fulfilling trip to Nashville, Tennessee that it has inspired me to write about all of the places that we visited. It was so refreshing and a relief to finally be able to travel again. It has been 2 years since the last time I’ve traveled via airplane. It was like seeing an old friend again, it felt so good. I am currently thinking and planning on our next trip for the ending of this year or early next year; the anticipation is always so exciting to me.
So this time around, we visited Nashville the week before Thanksgiving. It was a really nice time to visit because the weather was amazing and many popular destinations had their Christmas décor up which made the experience more magical. I highly recommend traveling during the holidays, places just seem more special. :) So in true Estephanie fashion, I planned and researched all of the places we visited and ate. ;) We had such a great time that we would honestly go back sooner than later to discover other places we missed. 

So I’ll go in order and talk about all the places we visited first, and then all the restaurants we went to. So let’s start! We traveled from Wed-Sun, so it felt like a long weekend. One of the best aspects when planning this trip was finally redeeming my air miles. I’ve been saving them for so so long that I decided to just use them towards this trip to save money. So we only had to pay taxes when the flight miles were redeemed! It was about $22 total + a seat upgrade that we did. I also have an American Advantage credit card and its awesome when flying; with it, I get a free checked bag, as well as whoever is flying with me. Those little perks really make a difference in my eyes!

So we landed On Wednesday, and went straight to pick up our rental car. After that we went to get something to eat because our hotel room wasn't ready yet (we arrived early!). We ate at this amazing local place called “Sedona Taphouse”. The people were so nice and hospitable. We actually ate here twice because the food was so good! 

Short walk from parking lot to restaurant :)

This drink was so good!

Mini sliders from Sedona were delicious!

After we ate, we finally went to check into our hotel room to relax before we hit the town again! We decided to go to “Broadway” . It’s basically a strip that's filled to the brim in restaurants, and each restaurant comes complete with a live band playing. They are called "Honky-Tonks". So imagine, almost EVERY single restaurant had loud music coming from their windows and some had all the windows open. It was pretty cool! After this we called it a night because it was late and we were exhausted from the long day.

This area was like an outside mall. So pretty with all of the Christmas décor :)


The next day (Thursday) , we woke up early and had some breakfast at our hotel. One of the best things about traveling is the free breakfast at the hotel. Every time we travel, I always try to book a hotel that offers this, it makes it easier to just eat at the hotel and not always have to worry about where we are going to get breakfast. 

Anyways, for our second day, we went to the visit the Parthenon! It is the most amazing majestic building! It is a replica of an actual building that is in Athens, Greece. It was really cool to see it in person, and the area that its in is so worth to visit just for photos! This specific day we went, it was SO COLD!! It had rained in morning so it was a bit gloomy, but it was still so beautiful with all of the Fall leaves! That's another reason I wanted to visit in November, you really get to see the Fall season, I loved it!

So in the Parthenon, there is a museum that you could visit for about $10 per adult and $8 per child. Unfortunately, the day we went, it was closed for maintenance, but I checked online, and their exhibits looked really interesting, so this is definitely something to do if you plan to visit this building! 
More info on it Here
2500 West End Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

It is so beautiful in person!


After that we headed to the Nashville downtown area! This area was my absolute favorite! It kind of reminded me of Manhattan in New York and Downtown Miami all in one! They have an event arena there where many concerts happen, and overall its a touristy place, but I really enjoyed it. We came down here to visit the Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum. It was pretty cool because they have TONS of memorabilia of a good variety of country stars. Some of way back in the day to present day. To be honest, I only knew a few of the people that were in the exhibitions LOL. I don't really listen to country music often, but it opened up my curiosity about this genre of music and I've recently started listening to it. They have a really really extensive collection of categorized exhibitions. For example, they had an ENTIRE section of a country singer called Kacey Musgraves....and I was just like...Kacey who? lolol. They had so many of her clothing pieces from her album shoots and random childhood items too. Overall, it was cool to pass by here and I do recommend it! As far as "covid" restrictions, it was pretty liberal. There was some people wearing masks and some where not.

Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum
222 Rep. John Lewis Way S
Nashville, TN 37203
Adult Admission: $27.95
*They also have bundle tours where you could always visit RCA Studio B, a studio where many of the great names in music recorded their music, for instance, Elvis Presley!
More info Here

They had loads of Taylor Swift's costumes from her music videos...naturally. :)

Elvis Presley's Car!

Part of Kacey Musgraves memorabilia. 


After the museum, we went to visit a place that was on the top of my list:
If you visit Nashville, please make this location a priority, it is amazing! Its a fabulous restaurant on the top floor of the Graduate Hotel in downtown Nashville. Not only is it a restaurant, but it also has a roof top bar, overlooking the downtown area! It was amazing! The outside area is furnished with pink accents everywhere! The overall theme of it is commemorating the iconic, Dolly Parton. There's sprinkles of her everywhere, including this massive Dolly Parton head made of pink wire! It's definitely an Instagram photo moment ;) Although, we didn't get a chance to eat at the restaurant because you needed a reservation and I honestly forgot lol. It's worth the trip to see the outside area around dusk. We got there around the perfect time because the sun was going down. So Pretty! I would love to stay at the Graduate Hotel, the entire vibe of this hotel is so over-the-top, loved it!

White Limozeen Restaurant and Roof-Top Bar
(Inside the Graduate Hotel)
101 20th Ave N
Nashville, TN 37203
*I strongly suggest to book a reservation far in advance to eat at the restaurant* 
It's a pretty popular place and its better to have a guaranteed spot!
Book here

We went at the best time! When the sun was going down :)


So let's continue to day 3 (Friday). We had a late start this day because my bf had a zoom meeting, and I had to work a little bit in the morning, so I made sure to make reservations to the next place we visited at a good time and just in time for Lunch! This was another place on my list to visit: The Hampton Social!

I saw a photo of this restaurant on someone's Instagram and I knew I had to go and visit. This is also a place that I highly suggest to book in advance and get a reservation, it is pretty popular! When we arrived, we had to wait a little while to get seated at our designated time so we just hung around and took some photos. It is a very cute place that is perfect for photos! I saw so many girls come in and out of the restaurant just to take photos by their big floral wall and another area where they have a giant sofa. It was so worth it! Although it was the most expensive restaurant we went to, their food was delicious, even my bf was impressed and still talked about what he had to eat hours later lol. Definitely stop here for lunch during the weekdays and brunch on the weekends!

The Hampton Social
201 1st Ave S
Nashville, TN 37201
*Book your table in advance online*!

The wall that everyone stopped to take pictures at lol

The food was so delicious! It was definitely a splurge, but once in a while doesnt hurt ;)

12 AVE S

After lunch, we went back to the hotel for a little while to relax. We then proceeded to go a really well known area on the street called "12 Ave S". On this particular street, there are TONS of great shopping and restaurants everywhere! I wanted to come to this area specifically to visit the new Stoney Clover Lane store that just opened! It was the cutest store ever; it was so hard to not want to buy one of everything. lol. I left with my souvenir for the trip from that store, which I'll show you below! This area has such great shopping and its best to visit in the morning or early afternoon. We got there in the evening and a lot of places were already closed! That's one thing I didn't like, almost everything closes early in Nashville lol! So it definitely helpful to plan in advance. I also remember seeing a type of market being set up with Christmas trees and lights; it was a bummer we didn't go earlier, but now I know for next time! 

This is what I purchased - cutest mini pouch.

Stoney Clover Lane - Nashville
2707 12 Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204


In this area we also visited a cute little coffee shop that was two stories and had a fireplace in the top floor. We stayed there for a little while 'til we decided to go back to Broadway and head to one of the "Honky Tonks" (aka a country music bar lol) for some drinks!

White Bison Coffee
2607 12 Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204


So for our last full day (Saturday) we went to visit a estate museum and botanical garden called "Cheekwood". This is a place I found on my own while researching of things to do in Nashville! So glad I stumbled upon this place, it was absolutely magical. I can only imagine how pretty it is during Spring and Summer when all of the flowers are blooming, but now, in the Fall time, it was just amazing. Again, traveling during the holidays is just better, in my opinion. Everything was decorated for Christmas already and we happened to go the day they were starting their "festival of lights" at night. We didn't book those tix with enough time but we got to enjoy the huge estate inside and we walked all the grounds of the gardens. I think this was the place I took the most photos at. All of the trees loosing their leaves and all of the colors, and not to mention the weather was pure perfection. It was cold, but sunny, with no clouds!

I highly recommend coming here. The car ride alone was worth it to me. Everything was beautiful!

1200 Forrest Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37205
*I recommend to reserve and purchase tickets online for your preferred time slot*
It was about $25 per person!
Book and more info Here


I forgot to mention up top the breakfast place we went to before Cheekwood, it's called "The Perch". It was a cute little place with a full menu of omelets, crepes, and other pastries. It was delicious, you need to come here for breakfast! It seems to have been a old commercial home of some sort, but they transformed the rooms into seating areas, very cute!

The Perch
117 Franklin Road
Brentwood, TN 37027
Check their website Here

Banana Crepe with peanut butter and nutella ! :)

Fort Negley Park

Next, after the Cheekwood museum, we visited a place called Fort Negley Park. It was essentially a fort that was built around the time of the American Civil War. It was built by Union Troops after the capture of Nashville, TN. During the war, it was said to be the largest inland fort built in the United States. It was interesting to see and it was a quick activity to do. When you arrived at the top, there was a great view of downtown Nashville as well, so it was nice.

View from the top of the fort!


Below I will also mention a few other places that I honestly forgot to take photos but still think they are worth the visit!

We had some of the best donuts we've ever had here! So worth it! in the 12 Ave S area 
(they have other locations too!)
1110 Caruthers Ave
Nashville, TN 37204

Cool place to try local craft beer. They also serve great food, and there's a huge area upstairs where you can see where they make the beer. Pretty cool!
809 Ewing Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203

Some of the most delicious gourmet cookies. Wow they were SOO good :)! Please come here lol
(you could order online for delivery!)
they have two locations: One in Germantown and one on 12 Ave S !
We went to the one in Germantown:
1205 3rd Ave N
Nashville, TN 37208

Thank you so much for making it this far! I hope you enjoyed this post & that it inspired you to plan a visit to Tennessee :)


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