Saturday, January 1, 2022

Another year gone, and another chance to continue working. If 2021 has taught me anything is to never falter, to never doubt yourself, and to always do the things that seem crazy to you. It was a crazy ride and I can truly say that I am proud of me. Things are magical when you let go self-doubt and just DO IT!

As always, I share my ongoing list of goals that I want to manifest or put out into the world. There's a separate list that I also write that I keep in my planner so I can see them every time I open it. These here are bigger ones and ones that I know will take effort and motivation, but I promise you that anything is possible.

Check out my goals from last year and what I accomplished ( I edited the post!)

**Edited: 1.5.23** (see below what I accomplished + notes for 2022)

Here are my goals for 2022

1. Take Styles By E to the next level - niche down items + double what I made in 2021 - this did not happen. Hoping to work on this in 2023. I have to see what direction I want to shift the online store. After I found out I was pregnant I lost some inspiration. Ill find it again!

2. Land a partnership with Target with my blog; styling / fashion focused. - Not yet. I always include this because I know it will happen lol.

3. Surpass 10k in my savings & continue to save for a home of my own.  YES! We were able to purchase a home of our own. It feels amazing :)

4. Travel, travel, travel. Visit two new states. - No new states, BUT my fav: NEW YORK. 

5. Read at least ONE book a month. - I am sad about this one. I didn't read as often as I wanted to. :(

6. Lose 15 lbs.  I lost weight after my pregnancy. Its crazy and so unexpected LOL


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