SO LONG 2022....MY GOALS FOR 2023

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Another year behind us, and another year to move forward and start fresh. 2022 was transformational, and even that word feels like an understatement. I became a mother. A whole other side of me that I never thought I would see. It's beautiful, and hard, but I've realized that taking it day by day makes it seem much more manageable. lol. 

In 2022 some goals were met, some new ones were made and some didn't even see the light of day lol. I pray that 2023 will be the year of me just slowing down just a little bit. I feel like I always have to be doing something to feel good or accomplished. I need to remember that taking time for me will always be a priority..and that will continue on for the new year ;)

What are you wishing for the new year..?


Check out this post and see what 2022 goals 

I accomplished (the post is edited!) and see below for the ones for 2023 :)  

 Ongoing goals for 2023

1. Continue to be the best mom I can be everyday while still filling my cup.

2. Be more organized & intentional with Poshmark closet. Put in  more hours, closet, sharing and live shows

3. Build up savings again. At least 5k

4. Read. Physical or audiobooks

5. Land a partnership with Target on styling and Fashion. (I always put this one lol)

6. Travel to a new place.

7. Continue to be mindful of what I eat.

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