Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hi everyone and welcome back ! So I am currently still getting ready for the holidays as in still purchasing last minutes gifts, styling outfits, and finalizing where I'll be spending the holiday weekend! I've been feeling kind of "whatever" about Christmas and the holidays, but since its getting closer everyday...I guess it has been putting me in a better mood now lol. Do you have any plans yet? Let me know, I love knowing how you all will spend the holidays :)

SO let's just get into this dream of a dress. I first laid eyes on a similar one because my good friend Stephanie, from the Lux Loft sported one that was very similar in fabric and detail. I knew I had to get it when I saw it. This is the perfect holiday dress, the floral embroidery is anything but subtle, but it isn't too loud either...and people will definitely notice! The mesh fabric is very lightweight and it just flows beautifully; so its definitely twirl-worthy. I wore this number this past weekend for the blogger awards with & it was a hit, everyone loved it ! It really is beautiful; This particular dress was from a site called Dezzal, but there aren't available anymore. However, I did find this same type of dress on other sites and I linked them for you below! Also, this dress for me in particular ran a bit small so I sized up to an XL than the regular fit perfectly! I already have a feeling I'll be wearing this dress again very soon. It's truly something out of Alice in wonderland lol..wouldn't you agree.

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Photos by the amazing: Stephanie Arvelo

Dress: Super similar style dress HERE
Shoes: here

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