Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hi everyone ! Since the holidays are in just a couple of weeks, I thought I'd make a quick and easy guide for you of totally "fool proof" gifts. As in, it doesn't matter what lady you gift these to, they are sure to love it. We girls are simple, yet complicated, but when it comes to gifts, I think it safe to say that if we see some effort put into it, we are pretty much a happy camper. Whether it'd be a luxury designer bag or a $1 chapstick, if it seems like you put effort into it, that's all that matters (especially when executing what your gifting and/or how you pack it..details count!)

So lets jump into them now! 

1. Fragrance.

I don't think I know a girl that doesn't adore smelling good. A girl's aroma speaks volumes about her, so make sure she's always smelling good ;) lol Here are my recommendations that that special lady in your life will love (whether it maybe your gf, friend, mom, grandma, you get me! lol)

All of these scents are amazing. My mom adores the PRADA Candy perfume; I think she's on her thrid or fourth bottle by now. I always tell her to calm down and stop wasting it haha. I also adore the Si Intense by Giorgio Armani; its a unique and sexy scent & it lasts ALL day. 

 Ralph Lauren Tender Romance (here it is in a gift set too!)

Another great option could also be scented candles to place around the house!

2. Jewelry.

** Check out more awesome Pandora gift sets here**

A girl could never have too much jewelry, especially if the pieces are made or picked out with love. 
Personalized/monogram necklaces, durable and dainty pieces are things to look for when shopping for jewelry. Here are some favorites that I wear almost everyday:


3. Makeup.

Giving and/or receiving makeup/beauty products is something that is always nesccesary (or so I think lol) . A great mini gift set of her favorite makeup brand, a new lipstick, or even a holiday makeup palette is great. Or its even better if you discreetely ask what they need or missing before you purchase. :)

 MAC Lipstick / Naked 3 Palette (love this one!)

Check out Sephora, they have tons of beautiful limited edition palettes right now!
I really love this one by Too-Faced. Super cute set and brings a case + a planner!
-Ok, this one stole my heart and such a great value! $49 for three palettes, a case and a mini mascara!
-The Saint and Sinner palette by Kat Von D is to die for, such beautiful colors and fab packaging!

4. Take her out to a nice dinner....

or heck, go all out and cook for her! Not everything meaningful has to be tangible and expensive. Sometimes a night out or a nice evening at home can be all that she needs.. :)

5. Spa Certificate.

I don't know any girl that doesn't like to just relax and take time for herself. Or maybe she's one of those that actually needs time to herself! Whatever the case maybe, book a spa day for her or for both of you and spend some time together getting pampered. If it was up to me, I'd do it everyday. ;)

Click here to find a spot near you & start planning asap!

Happy Holidays!

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