Happy Wednesday! So I am kind of glad that its December already because that means Christmas is just around the corner. It blows my mind that this year is already over; it really makes me think and appreciate every day that we have because before you know it, its over. On another note, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?! I know I haven't and I'm sure I'll wait until last minute as I have been doing lately lol. There are still some great sales going on. You could still check those out here!!!

So this little number is amazing I must say. Velvet has made a comeback into the fashion scene and it is stronger than ever. It brings back memories to when I was younger and I was sporting a blue velvet track suit. Oh god, when I think about it, it makes me cringe LOL..but I guess now when I look back at it, I was way ahead of my time ;) . I have a feeling that velvet pieces aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Velvet tops, trousers, jewelry, and even shoes have really been in lately and really jazzes up any outfit. What I'm wearing here truly embodies me and my style. I adore a good pair of high-waisted jeans and a flattering off the shoulder top! The only thing here is that this top is actually a body suit! Yes just like last week's post (check it out here!) . I've really been into bodysuits lately because they look really nice on and can be paired with a variety of bottoms. This velvet bodysuit is perfection. I was a little skeptical of the off the shoulder feature; that it would rise up when you move your arms (ugh I hate that!), but this one stays put! Also this color is just amazing, I really love that its not your traditional red velvet top. The blue/teal color shines so beautifully when worn outside...UGH I'M IN LOVE and I can't wait to wear it again ! :) Also let's talk about the jeans because this bodysuit obviously stole the show!  I love this pair, it fits just above your belly button which I think is perfect. The distressing of the jeans really gave it a little something extra. Also I should point out that these run true to size. I am usually a 10/11 but according to the website they run small so I sized up to 13...needless to say the 11 would have fit me perfectly, but I could work with the 13 especially since I loathe returning things online...such a waste of time in my opinion lol. Lastly, these shoes are pretty spectacular too, they totally give off a "Balmain" vibe because of the navy blue knit fabric of it. I love these and know that they will be featured in my upcoming posts. !

SO what are your thoughts about the velvet trend, YAY or NAY?

<3 'til next time.

Photos: Luccia Photos

Bodysuit, Jeans, Shoes: Fashion Nova
Choker: DIY
Sunglasses: Alexander Wang

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