Thursday, April 6, 2017

So when I think about the last Target collab I went "crazy for"..all I can recall is coffee and running; random right? I know..
Now these two hardly make it into any of my daily conversations (more like NEVER;) because 1) I hate coffee. (yeah yeah I know..get over it lol)..and 2) the only time I run is when I see/hear about a sale or sometimes at the park, when I'm feeling extra & want to sweat a bit; However, this time last year, when the Lilly Pulitzer & Target collaboration was announced, these were the two things I knew would be affective to achive success in what I wanted to get. First, staying awake inside my car at about 7-7:30am while staring at the target doors until they opened(cue the coffee) & two running like my life depended on it for that LP maxi dress I wanted; which I still have btw and have only worn 2x. LOL. (peep that post here if you like). I know what you're thinking..."Omg how ridiculous" , or "you could shop online"..I'm well aware of this but the rush of instant gratification and getting what I want is what makes me strategize everytime LOL.

I knew this again would be coming into play when I saw the announcement of a collab with Victoria Beckham with Target. I've always admired her, way before she was known as a Beckham and more when she was in her "little gucci dress". ;) You can bet I'll be there before the sun comes up for the pieces I want (well maybe not so early, but you get what I mean) & I'm secrely hoping people forget so I have the store to myself...lmao wishful thinking. 

So I'm here to share the pieces that I have my eye on from the VB x Target collection that is set to be released in store and online on Sunday, April 9. I'm most excited because this collection really embodies VB completely. I could totally see her wearing everything in this collection. It's fresh, fun and it instantly makes me think of spring once I saw it. Full of quirky prints and color florals that sucked me in when I first saw the lookbook . 

This collection includes over 200 pieces for Women & Kids all priced between $6-$70!

You can look at everything here and see what pieces you want before the launch on April 9.

Ok I feel like I've been talking nonsense...lets jump into what I am GETTING first.


1. Striped dress ; $35
Fell in love when I first read an article about a girl that got to preview the collection. She tried on this dress and I adored it! I love the gathered fabric in he middle, the subtle hi-lo hem, and the interesting sleeves. UGH. I DIE. lol

I know, so boring. But I really like the cut of it & I do not own a classic white button down..so thats my excuse on why I want it. lol ;)


Of course. I'm a sucker for rompers. 
The scalloped details and the color made my heart sing, but not fly....yet. lol 

4. Pink Trousers : $40
I love color, and I think these would look great with the white long sleeve button down! 
or even this one  too ! On one hand, I'm thinking, "YES, such statement pants",,but in the other hand I think, "how many times will you wear these Estephanie"? LOL

5. White Poplin Top ; $28
I really only love it because the sleeves resemble the ones
 of the striped dress and you cannot beat the price. haha.
AND, that it'll look great with the pink trousers (at least in my head it does).

I love the print, the cutest !


Everything I mentioned above at a glance:

Entire collection here & available in-store/online 4.9.17

Sooo...tell me, what are you getting? I'd love to know 
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Thanks for reading. <3

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