Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Wedges under $35


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Wedges are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes you could possibly own. Wether the wedge has a stacked heel (like #5) , espadrilles or even cork material, they instantly give you a confidence boost in knowing that your feet won't be crying after a couple of hours. Although I really like wearing flats, wedges are a great alternative to switch it up & not wear an actual "stiletto" heel. Since we're quickly moving into the Summer time soon, I knew I needed to search for a comfortable pair I could live in. When shopping for a pair of wedges, make sure you go for a height that is walkable. Sure, there are some that have a tall heel that are super cute to sport as you make your way down South Beach with a huge Louis Vuitton bag and sunnies ( lol the things I think of in my head) , but they aren't ideal for everyday. Another aspect to look for is a neutral color (aka you could wear them with anything under the sun), and lastly, they should have an interesting detail of some sort.

 For instance, number #3 from above has great details around the ankles with the laser cut-outs that you can tie or how number #4 has an exposed heel in the back! Things like that elevate an outfit & people will ask where you purchased ;) I narrowed it down to these six pairs that are super budget-friendly and are all different enough to wear with anything you decide. They're all from Target too! ...what a surprise, right? (not..)

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