Saturday, July 29, 2017

Makeup and its uses have come a long way....especially our "traditional lipstick". Since today is "National lipstick day" (which I didn't even know until a couple days ago lol), I thought it would be appropriate to write this post...

 Mac Cosmetics is even giving away free lipstick today as well! Which I think is amazing...I'd go but I feel like I own wayy too many...then again, you could never have too many. Anyways, I feel that there's nothing more satisfying than purchasing a fresh new lipstick and trying it on for the first time...am I right? It instantly turns your mood around, it completes an outfit, and it could even spark a creative energy within you. Who would've thought a tube of lipstick can have all that power..? Well, it does..at least for me. I could have no makeup on and just my fav shade of lipstick (ok, maybe some mascara too lol ) and I'm good to go. We've come a long way in the cosmetic world....matte, liquid, velvet, creme, frost...and so many other finishes I can't think of right now. I'm trying to think about it now and I can't even remember what my first lipstick shade was? Maybe something pink..lol idk....do you remember? What was yours? :) 

Anyway, I'm leaving you here with some fun photos and a quick lists of my favorite shades that I wear all the time. 

Kisses! xx

Kylie Cosmetics: Shades in "Kristen", "High Maintenance", "Dolce K", (liquid lip)
Mac Cosmetics: Shades in "Up the Amp", "Half N Half". (regular lipstick)
ColourPop Cosmetics: Shades in "Toolips", "Prim", "Frick N Frack" (liquid lip)
Kat Von D: Shade in "Sanctuary" (liquid lip)

If you follow me...then you know I have a small obsession with the Kylie liquid lips...ok maybe its not "small". LOL 

The real OG's. I love liquid lips...but these will always be number one in my eyes.
Especially if they are limited edition. That Marilyn one is my fav! It's the shade "Pure Zen"

Here's an interesting article I found on the history of lipstick, I thought I'd share if you're curious :)

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Happy Saturday.

With love and lipstick,

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