Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hi everyone!
Welcome back. Today's post is all about what's in my current shopping cart. lol.
I thought this would be fun because its a mix of both Summer/Fall items. I already have some of these, but decided to include them on here because they are truly worth checking out! It's a mix of some from the Nordstrom anniversary sale, Target favs, and other stores I love.

And the best part....nothing is over $50! 

Happy shopping! 

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Love little transitional dresses like these. All of these are in my cart (I swear!) They are all so good and have affordable price points. :) This one is perfect to wear during Summer with a pair of sandals and in Fall with a pair of tights and cute booties.

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I'm def getting these black leggings and this amazing ruffled skirt that's only $44! It's very similar to a J.Crew version that I fell in love with...but that one was over $600!! lol. This one is a steal.

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I'm sure you have seen a couple of these all over my social media platforms. Lol. But I love sharing what I have AND what I'm eyeing to get. Lovin' those perforated booties!

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Can you believe both of these sunnies are only $12! They definitely look more expensive than they look. 

Pin this image below and share with friends! :) Or if you'd like to come back to it for reference. 

If you decide to purchase something, let me know what you get ! :) Or what else I should add to my overflowing cart. lol Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by

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