Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hi everyone, welcome back. I thought I'd do a post today on things that I'm currently loving. It's similar to a monthly favorites and I'm just trying it out to see how you all like it.
It'll include things that I just purchased or I've been loving from every category (fashion, beauty, music I'm listening to, etc). Oh, and also I wanted to mention that I've recently started walking/running at the park more often and I've been really trying to change my eating habits. It's crazy what little changes does to your body. Not too long ago I found out that I can no longer drink milk; it just doesn't settle how it used if I do drink milk, I have to go with almond milk! Maybe as I progress and hopefully see some changes I could blog about it more and give you some feedback.

Ok, I got totally out of topic lol...So here's what I'm currently loving!


Very similar style here | Plus sizes: adore this one!
Found so many cute ones here too! 

I JUST purchased this "Maxi Romper" this passed weekend and almost everyone wanted to know where I got it. I found this one at Marshalls! And the best part was that it only cost $20! I can't wait to style it more and take some more photos for the blog so stay tuned for when that happens!

Bag | Similar Top | Jeans | Shoes

These jeans have been my go to lately. They are from American Eagle. It's so funny because I NEVER shop there, but I saw another blogger post about them and the price was awesome so I just purchased them! They are so comfy that they actually feel like leggings! They're amazing.

Dress: Victoria Beckham for Target | Similar style with sleeves here

I'm a huge fan when something I purchase can be worn in multiple ways. I love how this striped dress looks opened up. Yes, its a dress!!! It buttons all the way down so I got away with wearing it as a vest. I loved how this turned out. You could see it in action as a dress in this post if you'd like. :)

Rose Gold Sandals (similar here) | Pom Pom Sandals | Bow Slides

I'm not sure what's up with me lately but I've been buying way too many shoes. LOL. I just can't resist a good sale, and all of these are way too good. The rose gold sandals look so pretty on and I love the design of them. Although they hurt my feet a bit because they are new, I'm sure that'll go away once I wear them more. I also got these new pom pom sandals that I adore. They are so comfy and I love the colors on these. They look similar to these that I always wear. I just love that I have two pairs to choose from now :)

And I finally got these bow slides that I've been eyeing for so long from Topshop and Steve Madden. Guess what?! These are from Target. They are brand new and now Target has their own version of them and for less than $22 ;) They run pretty small, so size up ! I am usually a size 10, but I ordered a size 11 and they fit just fine!


I love this layered necklace! It really is the perfect accessory; looks so great with v-neck tees and low cut tops/rompers. But I'm a little sad because it already looks tarnished in some areas! Oh well...I still love it but I'm just trying to not wear it as much though. :(

I know this is kind of random, but I LOVE this 6 key ring holder. It has totally changed the way I carry my keys, and it's way easier to find them when they're in my bag. Its the best; my favorite aspect about it is the big hook it has on the top...where I keep my car keys! Oh was only $8! If you're a designer junkie like me, I'm sure you thought about the fact that it looks like the Louis Vuitton version lol. I just don't think I could justify paying $250 to hold my three little keys...This one will do and it has been holding up beautifully! :)

Lillian & Co : Shop bracelets here

I love stacking these bracelets with my watches. And these are particularly special because they all have special sayings inspired from the classic Disney movies. They don't tarnish and are of great quality! Love these so much!


I have raved about this before but I feel like I have to mention it once more. It is amazing, especially with my oily skin. It really preps your skin for any type of makeup you would put on and it stays in place. I typically use just one pump and that's it! A little goes a long way. It applies like a thin white veil on your face. Some people hate that aspect, but I actually love it because it lets me know that it's covering every inch of my face before I apply my concealer. It's a bit of a splurge for a face primer, but it's truly worth every penny in your piggy bank. lol

I use this baby every single day. It's so good and leaves my face feeling super refreshed. I also use it right when I get home after work; and on the weekends when I tend to use more makeup!

I'm loving this mascara lately. It really makes your lashes look 10x longer! The best part is the wand! It's shape can really get those hard to reach lashes that are more towards your eye. I totally recommend it! Plus, it smells like roses! :)

I'd love to share my currently fav lip products but I feel that I just love too many. Check out this detailed post to see all the ones I'm loving!

(This is part of what's in my current playlist)

Ay Bendito - By Romeo Santos (his whole new album basically lol)
Jump - By Rihanna
Safari - By J Balvin
Quiero Olvidar - By J. Alvarez
PIE - By Future ft. Chris Brown (this makes me want to have 3 drinks in hand lol)
Over Everything - By Jussie Smollet & Yazz (Empire soundtrack!)
6 inch - By Beyonce ft. The Weeknd
J. Cole - Apparently
Despacito ...  hahaha jk. ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :)
Hope you enjoyed this

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