Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hi there. Hope you're having a great week. I wanted to share some images of this floral maxi romper because I received tons of questions when I posted about it on my instagram.
It's so pretty and flattering on ! I love the print, and I'm sure you could tell I love anything with florals! So this will pretty much be my last Summer outfit that I post for a while because we are slowly transitioning to Fall. I mean, next week we are already in September! How crazy is that?! Can't wait to show you next weeks look. Although it is incorporating florals too, it has much more of a Fall feel to'll see what I mean once I post that outfit. :) I'm not really complaining either, I adore dark hues, so I'm happy to start wearing them more often. I sometimes wish I could wear long sleeves too, but that honestly isn't a option living here in Miami. :( I do wear them from time to time but I end up feeling hot and uncomfortable. LOL.

Anyways, I paired this maxi romper with these rose gold sandals that I got not too long ago from Target. I love the design of these sandals because they are not the usual ones you see; that's one of the reasons I picked them up! I highly recommend them. :)

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet. I'll be honest, I feel like I've been in a blogging rut lately. It hasn't been feeling how it used to feel, like when I first started. I would be so excited to come and get on the blog..and now it sometimes feels like a drag, and I feel this unexpected pressure to update it. I know I love blogging, but feeling inspired is difficult sometimes when so many other things are going on in my life and in the world in general. I'm sure I'll bounce back from this soon, but just wanted to let you know how I feel. 

Thanks for reading.

Photos by: Luccia Photos

Maxi Romper: Marshalls / Super similar here !
Sandals: Target
Similar sunglasses here

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