Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Happy Wednesday!! These are some of my favorite photos and moments from my time in New York! I think I have done every touristy thing in this city...but this one is a must-do; especially if you've never done it. New York has spectacular views everywhere you turn (literally) but the one from the "Top of the Rock" is stunning! It's one of those moments where you'll always remember because you are up sooo many stories in the sky! I wanted to share some photos of this day, some tips, and of course my outfit ;) So let's start!

Now of course I planned this entire day revolving around the fact that we wanted to get there to beat the crowd..and of course, take good photos. I booked the tickets a couple days before at the rockefeller plaza. It's $39 per person (including tax I believe). Yes, it's super over-priced for what it is ( I wish they gave you a free photo or something, but no just the view is included LOL)...but you have to do it at least once! So we decided to book the 8am time slot. So we had to get there between 8:30-8:45a when it was our turn. There's no rush or need to get there early to "beat" people. They let you go in at exactly your time that it says on the ticket! So my mom and I woke up super early (around 6:30a lol) and had breakfast at this cute place by our room, and then we caught the J train to canal st, then from there we took another to the rockefeller stop...which leaves you almost right in front of the building! We got there at a decent time...almost ten minutes before our time slot. The beginning portion is almost like a mini museum where they have vintage photography of how the rockefeller building was built and how long it took. They also had a couple videos playing. This was also the time where they take a photo of you with a backdrop of the building, which was pretty cool but too expensive if you ask me lol. The only good thing is that you could stay up there for as long as you want, not kidding! If you want to stay there til midnight...you can! lol. After the little tour, we proceeded to take the elevator all the way to the top! 

So since we were there early, I thought it was going to be somewhat cold up there...but boy was I wrong...it was scorching hot! Thank god I didn't wear anything black that day. We were glad to see that there wasn't too many people at that time so we had plenty of "empty" spots for great photos.

things to remember:

- Bring a video cam! I regret not bringing my go-pro..It would've been so cool to have that 360 footage!

-Bring some type of snacks in your bag because theres nothing to eat up there if you suddenly get hungry. There's only souvenir shops, restrooms...and that's about it. 

-Purchase a early ticket to avoid the crowd. By 10a there was a WAVE of people in the outside deck taking photos...be prepared for a bunch of photobombers LOL.

-Go up to the top deck to get amazing photos from an angle (see mine below!)

-Bring a jacket! In my case, in the middle of Summer, a jacket was needed..but it tends to get windy in places with higher altitude.

-Wear comfortable shoes. You're not hitchhiking or anything but I would suggest comfy sneakers ;)

-If you purchase the NYC city pass, you could save some $$ on these tickets. This pass gives you access to tons of popular NYC attractions per day (depending for how many days you buy). I couldn't find any other way to save some $ except this haha.

This photo reminds me of the show Gossip Girl haha
One of my favorite shows, ever.

You could see the statue of liberty through this! 

Favorite photo! :) So pretty

This was what I wore this day. One of my favorite white button blouses, express jeans, and pink mules. This top is pretty long so I just tied it in a knot in the front for a more casual vibe.

My mom took this photo from one of the upper decks. It took a couple of tries and telling her which angles to get. Needless to say, she was sick of me after this. LOL ;)

Selfie with the empire state building.

It's amazing everything that you see from up here. You could see almost all of central park, the chrysler building and the best view of the empire state building ! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

White button down: Target
Jeans: Express
Pink slides/mules: similar here ($22)
Backpack: same one here (on sale!)

Purchase tickets for the "Top of the Rock": here
Purchase the NYC city pass: here

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