Monday, August 20, 2018

Hi! Happy Monday...guess what? It's my birthday today!
Another year has gone by so quickly, and its around this time that I always like to reflect back on everything that has happened up until this day. I'm hoping..no scratch that, I know, that as every birthday passes I've grown stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever to keep doing what I'm doing and just trying to be happy every single day. As I've gotten older, I definitely care less and less about the insignificant little things that happen in life, and to just always look beyond at the bigger picture. I'm grateful and lucky enough to blow out my 28th candle today, and its something I'll never take for granted. 

Ok so, in light of my birthday celebrations during this entire weekend that has passed...here are 28 little things that I've learned / make me smile:
(I also just like making lists lol)

1. The older I've gotten, the more I appreciate my bed. LOL.
2. It's never too late or too early to tell someone you care about that you love them.
3. The mind is a powerful thing and can sometimes talk you out of doing certain things, don't let it.
4. Money definitely comes and goes, but you'll never get time back, don't waste it!
5. You can't possibly help a person if they don't try to help themselves first.
6. Waking up early and realizing I didn't waste my morning sleeping in lol
7. I love breakfast; especially waffles.
8. Having the beach to myself.
9. Watching my fav show in bed.
10. The feeling of looking forward to something the next day.
11. White Chedder Popcorn.
12. Planning a trip.
13. Styling an outfit.
14. Finding something on clearance that you wanted.
15. Hugging my brother.
16. Spending time with Karel.
17. Seeing my godson grow up.
18. Learning the lyrics to a song.
19. Getting an email confirmation that my order is out for delivery. ;)
20. Watching the sunset.
21. Switching up days that feel like a routine.
22. Making someone else smile.
23. Practicing gratitude every single day.
24. Complaining is just that, COMPLAINING. It does not get me anywhere.
25. Buying a new book to read.
26. Taking photos.
27. Dreaming is only the first step to anything I want out of life, taking action is the 2nd.
28. Genuine Happiness.

So this is my outfit for this year! I definitely toned it down from last year lol (check it out here) but I really love how this look turned out. It truly represents me in the sense that: its simple, its feminine and versatile...and affordable! :) This is the crop top that I got during the SheIn pop up shop a couple weeks ago. I was so thrilled when I found it...it really is so flattering on! I paired it here with high-waisted flared jeans. These jeans are pretty old though, they are from Old Navy, but I'll link similar ones below. I also wore these amazing heart sunglasses (I have them in black too!). They really dress up any outfit that you wear since they are a true statement accessory. I finished it with simple gold hoop earrings and I also wore my leopard flats! You can't really see them too much, but I like how they peek through the jeans. :)

Thanks for stopping by 
<3 Cheers to another year!

Top: SheIn
Jeans: Old Navy (same style!) / these too
Shoes: Louise Et Cie (true to size!)
Sunglasses: here ($4!)
Earrings: here ($2!)

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