Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Hi everyone! :) Happy Wednesday. Sharing some of these amazing photos today. So whenever something new emerges around Miami, everyone goes a bit crazy and wants a piece of it. Wether it be a trendy piece of clothing, a new saying, or even a dance...things that go "viral" travel around pretty quickly and this current spot in Coral Gables is one of them! I have seen tons of photos of the umbrella installations around Europe, so I was thrilled when they decided to bring it to Miami ! It really is unique and beautiful in person, and it really brings giralda avenue to life. It's now even more enjoyable to sit down and have some lunch around here with this colorful view from above. A good friend of mine and I planned to go early so we could avoid the crowds of endless people taking selfies lol. We arrived around 8:30a on a Saturday and there was no one! Only a couple workers that were cleaning the area. I'd say we had a good 30 minutes before people started to emerge. I was glad I got these photos in because soon after, a yoga class was starting in the middle of the walk !!!

So if you are planning to go...wake up early! It really is worth it if you want photos with no people in the background. I would sat 7-8:30a is the best time to avoid foot traffic. Hope you get to visit and take awesome photos.. hope you enjoy mine :)

Umbrella Sky Project
141 giralda avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Photos by: Jannely from The Fashion Buffet

Fav photo :)

As for my outfit. I wanted to wear a flowey dress that was colorful and somewhat matched the backdrop. I love this one! Its beautiful and lightweight and has two subtle slits on the side. It can be worn as a dress and as a cover up! I paired it with the gold slide sandals I got from target. I've been wearing them too much lately ;)

Dress: same style diff print here
Sandals: Target
Sunglasses: Quay Australia

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