Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I'll be honest and say that I am not the most avid Amazon shopper out there, but I feel since this quarantine has happened, I've found myself browsing their site more and more lol. Here are some items that I am patiently waiting on to get delivered to my house! They are all kind of random but serve a purpose ;) In my eyes at least lol.

Everything is shoppable below! :)

1. Gucci Dupe Tights - The original Gucci Logo tights will set you back about $120. These are around $8 ;)

2. Round Flower Vases - I've always wanted a cute round vase to arrange a bouquet of flowers in but always thought they were too pricey for ($60-$100+) I found this set of 2 for $18!

3. Silicone Loofah - Silicone? Weird right? This has been in my cart for god knows how long and I finally bought it! It has great reviews and its supposed to be way better then a mesh loofah that you always have to replace (I'm bad at replacing lol)

4. Electric Candle Lighter - Saw someone share this on TikTok and I had to have one! I am always buying the disposable lighters to burn my candles. I love that this one is rechargeable AND its pink :)

5. Set of Five embellished Headbands - Most of the time I have my hair up in a bun or ponytail. These are gonna look so cute on! This set is $12!

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