Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Here are a few things that I am doing while at home during quarantine. For the most part, things at home haven't really changed. I also just try to always always stay positive, and limit my daily news intake lol. We are currently living in a weird time and we have to try and make the best out of it and always practice gratitude. Thanks for stopping by!

To ease quarantined vibes, I've been:

1.Although I'm home, I'm making an effort to go outside and take a walk at least for 20-30 minutes. Vitamin D is good for ya!

2.I started watching a new show! Currently watching: Unorthodox on Netflix. ALSO, Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu! I highly recommend both if you're looking for something new to watch

3.I journal at times when my mind is too busy and just wants to spill out everything that I am thinking. Writing is therapeutic for me.

4. Taking longer naps..than usual ;)

5. Facetime someone special in your life.

6. Cooking or baking...or both! I am currently waiting for some bananas to ripen to attempt to make banana bread!

7. Reading! I shared my reading list on here last month, and I'm currently reading: "Where the Crawdads sing". :)

8. Listening to music througout the day. I even take my iPad with me to the bathroom while I shower lol.

9. Making puzzles. I found this app that has tons of categories of puzzles and its been really entertaining and stress-relieving.

10. Having a meaningful conversation with someone close to you. Wether it be your significan other, your mom, best friend, who ever you could confide in. It totally helps me feel better :)

11. I recently purchased to pairs of sneakers for myself. I never wear sneakers and only have one other pair that I wear occasionally, so it was nice to buy new ones :) They were also on a major sale so I didn't feel guilty ;)

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