Wednesday, October 28, 2020


My entire look is from Target here...what else is new right?! ;) I know I incorporate pieces from Target all the time, but I wanted it to be the entire outfit this time! Head to toe in Target..including the black clutch!


Olive Green Bodysuit ($16) - runs small- size up one size- I gravitated towards this bodysuit because of the statement sleeves. I adore the ruffle detail at the shoulders, as well as, the deep V neck. It's form fitting and comfortable, made of ribbed/waffle knit material. 

High Waisted Jeans ($20) - I've had these jeans for a while now and they have really hold up well. These were only $20 so its amazing that they still look good! These also come in black and so flattering on!

Leopard Print Flat Sandals ($20) - One of my favorite pairs of sandals. I love that its sort of a flat but still has some height with the heel so it won't hurt your feet. I love anything leopard print, so I love these with olive green :)

Black "dumpling" bag ($28) - This bag style has been floating around the internet ever since the designer version became popular. I've seen several versions of this bag, but I really loved that Target has their own version. It's a good size, very spacious inside and it also has a cross-body strap! The faux leather also feels really well made and soft. It also comes in a really beautiful mustard yellow and mauve color!

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