Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Hi ! Thanks for stopping by. I've been meaning to talk about this for a while, but I wanted to wait til I'd try the products out for a good while and really see results !! Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems like its been this entire year pretty much, we've had to accomodate with our new normal of wearing face masks where ever we go. Although its not a huge problem and keeps us safe and protected, having to wear face masks when I was never used to that before really affected my skin! 

As it is, my skin is already oily and its been a daily struggle for me for a long time ! Now add acne, redness and pimples all over my chin area in such a short period of time when Im not prone to getting acne was driving me nuts!! Since this happened to me, I finally decided to really commit to a skin care routine EVERY SINGLE DAY ! I'll admit, I have never been one to commit to anything involving my skin, especially since I'm very low maintenance when it comes to skincare was never on my mind. LOL. Unfortunately because of this "maskne" it has forced me to take it seriously! 

I've tried a few skin care products here and there but these that I'm currently using have completely changed my skin's texture !! Whenever I use to wash my face, the second I would touch it, it would feel like sandpaper (not kidding!) was bad! I still get oily here and there throughout the day but not like before and the acne has completely left from my chin area (I still have some marks but nothing noticeable!) It has amazed me what a consistant routine could do for your skin.

So let's get started on what I have been using for the past two months!

Disclaimer: ** I am only sharing what has worked for me and my skin type, I am in no way an expert, however, if you do have oily-combo skin, I definitely recommend these products!**


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - All-in-1 Mattifying: (I've been using it for a long long time!) 

This product is nothing new but of course I'm including it because it is simply amazing. I use it to clean my face in the morning and in the evening after a long day. It's great for sensitive skin and doesn't feel harsh when applying. I use a large cotton pad to apply!


Cetaphil PRO DermaCONTROL Oil Removing Foam Wash: ( I've been using it for 2 months +)

 After the cleanser, I use this face wash! This is a new product to me, but it is amazing! It is super gentle and smells nice! It has definitely helped me with my oily skin. I have also noticed that my skin is more smooth and soft after having incorporated in using this product, so it works really well. It's a foam so it easy to use and not messy at all. There is another version of this product but I chose this one because it concentrates on oily skin!


PIXI Clarity Tonic w/ Salicylic Acid & Probiotics: (I've been using it for 2 months +)

Ok, so this has to be the product that I regret not using sooner! I am 30 years old and never used toner whenever I chose to put on skin care lol. As I've said before, I've always been so sporadic about a skin regimen, but ever since this "maskne" has been around it has really forced me to look into the right products. This toner is super gentle and has Salicyclic Acid which helps with face oil and the forming of pimples. It also really removes the impurities that your cleanser/face wash didn't catch! I am so happy that I discovered this product and I hope they never discontinue it bc I will be really sad lol. 


GLOSSIER Super Bounce Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin B5 Serum: (I've been using it for 1 month+)

This serum is amazing! Since it has hyaluronic acid, it has kept my skin super hydrated and it feels so good on! This step is so important before moisturizer (until now I realized this lol!). Vitamin B5 keeps your skin soft and smooth and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. This also helps heal the skin and blemishes! I wish this came in a bigger bottle because it has made all the difference! I use a dime size amount and it's enough for my entire face!


GLOSSIER Priming Moisturizer Oil-Control Gel Cream: (I've been using it for 1 month +)

I instantly gravitated toward this product because it said it controls face oil, and that is definitely something I needed! I'm so happy I gave this product a chance because it is so so good! This moisturizer has helped my skin and has controlled the oiliness and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. It's also super lightweight which I love. I use two pumps and that's enough for my entire face. Another thing I love about this product is that its small enough to travel with and also has a pump applicator!

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