Wednesday, October 7, 2020


White booties are such a statement, especially around the Fall season. I woud've never thought I'd be the one to be rocking white hot booties...but guess what, I am! After endlessly scrolling pinterest for inspiration, I finally gave in and got a pair. And honestly, I'm glad I did. You would never think of how a simple white shoe can really elevate any outfit, and make you look streamlined! The white color is unexpectedly bold and goes so great with a variety of pieces you already own in your closet. 

Here I paired them with this super cute leopard "muscle tee". These tops are SO trendy at the moment and I loved it in this leopard print, so natually I had to snag it! I usually tend to steer clear from anything sleeveless because sometimes I feel so self-concious about my arms, but I said screw it! lol. Your mind can make you pass so much self-judgement on yourself, learn how to ignore that and tone it down ;) Anyways, I paired the top with high waisted black denim and finised with a gold hardware necklace. It actually one of my favorite amazon finds! I've had it for about two years or so and it has held up really well; its another great statement accessory as well :)

**Some other ways to style WHITE ankle booties**

-High waisted jeans & a printed blazer

-Jeans shorts & a simple tee (throw on a blazer too!)

-Long maxi dress (knotted at the bottom) + throw on a wide brim hat!

-with biker shorts (I'm loving bikers shorts lately !)

-Fitted jumpsuit!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Leopard Muscle Tee: Aria Rose (wearing size L, tts!)
Black Denim: Love this pair ($20!) & these too !
White Ankle booties: Love these and these too ($37!)
Initial necklace: here ($15! my fav)

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