Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I've been having writer's block more often than I care to admit these past couple of weeks. As much as I adore fashion, I don't always feel like writing or talking about it (shocker, I know)...
Like today, as I'm writing this, I'm in such a "blah" mood as I sit here drinking my lemon-infused water. I'll just write what comes to mind I suppose...and lately it's been about mean people on the internet. I've been seeing it so often lately, especially people body shaming others in the comments section & calling a person out about their size, or what they wear, or how they wear it; it makes me so upset and mad that there are people (trolls) that do that. Unfortunately, this is the era that we live in; everything is done online..including being bullies and they think they could just get away with it just because they are behind a computer; my question to all of this is: WHY? Why do people behind a computer screen think they have so much power to belittle a person through the internet? Why do they think its ok to call people out just because they're expressing themselves?! Why can't they just follow the saying: " If you don't have anything nice to say, do not say it all". But you know what, I'll tell you why, those people that think that have the right to bring you down, the ones that pin point out every "imperfection" that they see are usually the ones that truly need help themselves because they're insecure about something going on in their life......or to be blunt, they are straight up jealous. You get absolutely nothing from bringing some one else down. I know this isn't a subject I usually write about, but I felt like I had to. Especially since I run a blog, this is even more common in the "blogging" world. I for one, will admit that I'll never be a size 2, let alone a size 0...and you know what? I'm totally ok with that. I'm a proud size 10 and I embrace every single part of me because that makes me who I am. And hell, if you aren't happy with your current self, then do something about it !!! I'm here to tell you to never let anyone or anything make you feel inferior or sad because you don't fit someone else's standards/rules; Fuck that, you were born and molded into this unique version of YOU..and that's the person you need to work on 24/7 ; NEVER let someone else's comments offend you or think you aren't worthy of something; in fact, let that negativity make you a stronger person, because you are strong...and at the end of the day, those comments get deleted into cyberspace and the world still keeps spinning...and life is meant to be lived in happiness one day at a time.

{disclaimer: this wasn't aimed toward me or anyone in specific; just things that I see on social media in general}

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I hope you're enjoying my mini romper series.. (I warned you lol) . This particular romper is from the Victoria Beckham for Target collection, which by the way is ALL currently on clearance online at Target, including this romper! I really loved it when I first saw it because it is made very well and it is very forgiving. I also adore the scallop details it has and the cute waist bow. I'm wearing a size M here away from my usual size (L) because it runs pretty big and the L kinda looked like a dress on me lol. I've already worn it a couple times and I always get compliments on it. Speaking of compliments, that's ALL I've been getting since I got this super CUTE crossbody bag. Some people are confused at first, but its actually shaped like a little trunk in memoir to the Harry Potter movies; I almost died when I saw this. I knew I had to have also opens like a trunk and is very roomy! My full size wallet fits and many other things that I tend to carry, and that alone really impressed me. I also paired this outfit with my favorite sandals of the moment. I'm sure you've already seen these everywhere on my social media and blog but I can't stop wearing them; they are so fun and comfortable as well.

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Happy Wednesday !

Photos by: Luccia Photos

Romper: VB For Target (on sale!) / Getting this one next!
Sandals: Target
Bag: Hot Topic (sold out) / its here & here too 

"Self love is the best love; it never goes out of style".


  1. Esteph you are such a beautiful soul, inside and out!!
    LOVE YOU :)
    XOXO, Mei

  2. Bullies are the worst but know that you're better than them. Love the romper babe!

  3. This romper (and the color of it) looks so fabulous on you! Also, loving that HP bag. Too fun!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon