Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hope you all had a great weekend. Weekends for me tend to be a little hectic because I try to conquer whatever I can't finish during the week, especially for the blog! I don't think I've mentioned it on here before but besides my blog, I do have a full time job during the week..
so it can be quite tiring and sometimes makes me feel uninspired by the time I get home in the evening. I always try to do something everyday that'll change my attitude, and that really helps. Wether it's getting a mani/pedi, flowers, exercising or even some ice cream, the little things can really help cross out that negative energy we tend to bring in, and that's ok because not everyday will be a good day; there's always tomorrow, a new day filled with new and exciting expectations. I blog every week because it really fulfills me inside and because I like sharing things with you all. I always talk about this, that routine can be really draining and could get you down; so doing little things that change up your mood/day is definitely important to me. This past weekend was great, my boyfriend and I ventured out and drove almost two and half hours out to a different beach up in North Florida because we heard that's where you can kind the best sea shells! I know how lame right..? LOL. But that's something we both enjoy and we always have a great time when we go. Our mood changes, we forget about work and our responsibilities for a couple of hours...and those are the moments I cherish the most. I shared some of the shells we found on instastories (I'll share a couple photos at the end of this post.) We always try to do something different when we can; sharing new experiences together brings us closer. What do you like to do during the week/weekend..? I always love reading your input. :)

When I want something I know I'll eventually get it. That's how I felt with this "Romper Maxi" . I first saw it in store at Macy's on sale but they did not have my size! So I stalk it online until it was on sale and then went to my local Macy's to look for it a couple times and I finally found it ! It is pretty true to size. Here I am wearing a size 13 for reference, which is equivalent to a Large I'd say because that's my normal size. I fell in love with the fit, the way it flows behind me, and of course...the PRINT. I'm a sucker for stripes..any type actually, horizonal or vertical. I always gravitate toward the stripes in my closet, so I knew I had to have this piece. It zips at the back and also ties at the back in a bow. The fabric is great and doesn't feel heavy or hangs on to you when it's a warmer climate outside. I paired with these floral pumps that I found not too long ago and thought they went perfect with this oufit. They are really comfortable and could be worn with pretty much anything (I love the block heel, so much easier to handle than a stiletto). I posted this on Instagram and many of you loved it! So let me know if you decide to get it...I'd love to see :)

Photos by: Luccia Photos

Maxi Romper : Macy's / Identical style here , here & here
Floral heels: JcPenney ($29! and comes in 5 other colors!)

Photos from this past weekend ;)

These are the shells we found !!! :)

The one on the top left was attached but I broke it sadly lolll...And I loved that this one on the bottom left is shaped like a heart...its not exactly pretty but it's still meaningful :)

"Life is all about what ignites the little fires within us"

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