Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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I've been wanting to do this review for weeks now and I'm finally getting around to writing it. I'll be reviewing the coveted collaboration that Kim Kardarshian did with her sister Kylie for her line, Kylie Cosmetics! When I first saw photos of this, I'll admit, I was excited! I love neutrals and the color variation that I saw was perfect. Ok I won't spoil it for you any longer, lets get started...


The packaging is stunning and very beautiful, yet simple. I also really like that they stayed in the same color palette with their presentation: a muted pale pink. The products come in a nice and sturdy slide open box where you instantly reveal the four lip colors. I'm a sucker for packaging, so by this time of first receiving it, I was totally sucked in.


These are advertised as a "creme liquid lipstick", and they really stand behind this..they are super creamy and feel amazing on the lips; however, they aren't long-lasting. After I'd say an hour or two, you would have to reapply again so the color would look fresh like the first time you applied it. They also aren't transfer-proof, meaning if you touch your lips or kiss someone, it'll come off. Which I didn't mind at all because I knew what I was getting myself into lol. These are what I would call a more "sophisticated" lip gloss.


The first time I saw these in person I thought, "Wow, these shades all look pretty similar, why the hell did I buy these"? LOL. But as I tried them on and swatched them, they are pretty different in their own way and also emualting Kim K's signature lips.

L to R: Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie.

I feel that this shade is very very true to Kim's signature lip. It is a very light "brown shade", so to speak. When I first applied it, I kind of thought it washed me out, but after going back and fixing it up, it is very nice on. I think this is the "perfect Kim K nude".

I must say that this is my least-favorite shade. It is a very light "muted orangey" shade. When I first applied it, it looked kind of streaky and went between the lines on my lips, which I instantly hated. I applied a little more and still wasnt really convinced. I've had other light orange shades and wasn't a fan either. My skin tone I'd say is on the "medium" side and this really does not look good on me.

I really like this shade. It is seriously the perfect "nude pink". I've already worn it a couple times. It really compliments my skin tone and would look great with dark eye makeup.

MY FAVORITE SHADE. And it's because its the "darkest" shade in this nude bunch. It kind of reminds me of "Kristen" by Kylie Cosmetics. Its like a beautiful strawberry color, but in this case, its much more muted and it looks so beautiful on. This shade would look great on a variety of skin tones.

Swatches (top to bottom): Kimbery, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie


Would I purchase again if I had to..? Not really. I feel that if you're a true KKW fan then go ahead and spend the $45 and add them to your collection; but if you're like me that own 1293294493 lip products (and mostly nudes) , you probably don't need them. But, what can I say, I LOVE trying out new lipsticks. Overall I am really happy and impressed with the collection. I will be using them often and do not regret purchasing.

Did you guys get a chance to snag these? If so, let me know your opinion and your favorites.

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