Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Happy Wednesday! And.... we are officially under way with the holiday season. I feel like the second the clock struck 12 midnight on Nov 1st, everyone busted out their Christmas decor. LOL. I mean, what about Thanksgiving?! I like eating turkey too...hello!!!!! I can't lie though, I usually take out my Christmas decor wayyy before Thanksgiving anyways, so its nice to see other people partake into the Holiday spirit. lol :) SO today's post is something I have never done before and I thought it would be fun! These types of posts are usually done in video form, but I decided to add it to my blog in case you are curious ( I like seeing what's in peoples bags too lol) and also if you are starting Christmas shopping early! Many of the things I carry would make great stocking stuffers, cute little gifts for family and friends, or just something new to try for yourself! :)

Ok, so brace yourself...you never know what you'll find around here..j/k ;)

First things, first...my bag! It's a Kate Spade crossbody/satchel bag. I do not remember the name of the style, but its one of my most carried bags. It's also pretty special because my bf got it for me maybe 2-3 Christmases ago?! I can't remember, I just know I love this bag. It's the perfect size and I love the soft leather. It has held up extremely well on account that I don't baby this bag at all; on the contrary, I'm pretty rough with it, and it still looks in amazing condition!


-My LV wallet : of course! I never leave anywhere without it. This has been one of my best investments, ever. Next year it'll be two years old and it still looks brand new. It is called the Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet, and it's in the Monogram print with the fuchsia interior. 
Check it out : new / pre-loved

-My black mini card holder : I keep my blog business cards in here or sometimes use it to go somewhere quickly when I don't want to take my wallet.! It's from Target and I got it for like $4
Check this similar one : here ($6! also from Target)

-My 'E' initial coin purse: I randomly grabbed this round mini coin purse on HSN.com. LOL Its the brand Danielle Nicole and I fell in love with the color and it was on sale! :) I don't like keeping coins in my LV wallet, so I just dump all of them in here!
Check this one out: Initial coin purse

-My beats by dre earbuds: Ever since I got these, I can't imagine using another type. They are soundproof and comfortable. These are a splurge, but SO worth it! I've had these for a while so they may be an old version. lol.  I also like them because they do not get tangled as easily as the apple earbuds, plus they come in a cool rubber case!
Check them out : Beats earbuds

-My iPhone adapter cord: I still have the iPhone 7. meaning I do not have the old jack to use the earbuds. So I use this adapter to charge AND use my earbuds at the same time. Its awesome!
Check them out: iPhone adapter cord

-My phone charger cord: DUH.

-My iPad mini: I love watching movies and my shows on here...its my TV :)

-My key holder: I believe I got this sometime last year and it looks identical to the LV version which is $200+....I found this one on Amazon for like $8. LOL
Check it out: key holder

-Fenty Beauty matte powder: I have oily skin and this keeps it in check for quick touch-ups on the go!
Check it out : Fenty matte powder

-Makeup bag with essentials: I sometimes have this with me with my fav: concealer , moisturizer , sunscreen , and face cleanser

-Contact case and contact solution: Sometimes I wear glasses, sometimes I wear contacts. I need either or because I'm blind as a bat.

-Feminine pads: my monthly reminder of the female struggle. -__-
These are the ones I use: here (favorite!)

-Mountain of receipts: Need I say more? ;)

-Movie Ticket stubs: I saw the new movie: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms recently with my mom. It was so pretty and very appropriate for Christmas time :) Go watch it!

-Airborne tablets: I'm somewhat of a germ freak, and when I see or hear people coughing or sneezing closely around me...I'm quick to pull these out and put them in my water. LOL.
Check it out: here (I like the berry flavor)

-Hair clips: These are the only hair clips I use. They are my absolute favorite and I STAY losing them. I need to go buy another pack. lol
Check it out: here ($3 for the pack!)

-Hair ties: I got some free hair ties at the SheIn popup they had in Miami and since then I have failed to find any hair ties better than those. I have like 3 left...I hope I don't lose these. LOL.

-Hand sanitizer: The mini Bath and body works scents are my ultimate favorite! Currently using the scent: Sweet Pea.

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