Thursday, January 24, 2019
Designer shopping + a coffee break? Yes please! 

There's a chic new coffee bar in the Miami Design District that opened this month; nestled exclusively at the Dior Boutique. It is everything you could imagine a space like this could be. The overall theme is "in the jungle" as they have statues of countless animals all around the space. Small, but mighty, it's definitely a place to bring your laptop to finish some work or simply to relax and people watch (and by people watch, I mean people taking photos of their coffee cups, myself included lol). The most popular one is ordering a drink with the Dior logo embossed on top of it. So imagine, enjoying a cup of coffee sprinkled with a bit of fashion to start your day. ;)  Also, they offer a variety of pastries, smoothies, drinks, and (you guessed it)! However, be prepared to be set back about $12-$15 per drink and about $7 for a croissant.
 But....all in the name of fashion, right? 

This is actually hot chocolate because I am not a fan of coffee ;) lol!

The Dior Cafe is located on the third floor of the Dior Boutique in the
Miami Design District
162 NE 39th st
Miami, FL 33137

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