Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy New Year 2019! The last year (2018) was definitely a great one, with amazing memories, and definitely things to learn from . Around this time I like to reflect on things that I've accomplished and all of the things that have yet to manifest. This year was definitely one of planning, so I know that in 2019, it'll be the year to put that planning into more small actionable steps. Every New Year's Eve I write down a list of things (or a letter to myself) that I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year, and today I'll be opening the letter I wrote to myself of goals I wanted to crush in 2018, which I don't remember by the way lol. I just finished the ones for 2019, which I usually fold and put in an envelope until next new years eve, but I decided to really hold myself accountable and write them out here on the blog so I can share them with you all and look back when I want; instead of just keeping them locked away and hoping it'll happen; Like I said, 2019 is all about action!

edit: I opened the letter for my 2018 goals and they are so so similar for this year :) lol

I wrote these on paper, but I'm re-writing them here with you all:

Dear Estephanie,
You made it to 2019 & here are some goals you wrote down and want to accomplish.
Good Luck <3

(edited on 1.1.20; sharing which actually happened!)

1. At the ending of 2018, I slacked on Poshmark closet, causing me to get super unmotivated, so here's to changing that! I want to make more than $1k in a month solely from Poshmark sales, I know I can do it! (I SLACKED OFF!)

2. I want to surpass $6k in my savings account...I'm getting there! (NOT YET!)

3. Finally get an apt of our own. (YES!)

4. Go to Target and shop for the apt. (Seems silly, but I dream about this all the time...time for it to happen!)  (YES!)

5. Continue the style posts and the blog and land a big brand partnership with the blog. (NO PARTNERSHIP, YET!)

6. Have a better system for all of my poshmark inventory. (I need more space! lol) (YES!)

7. Take at least one trip! (YES!)

Let me know what your goals are in the comments below!

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