Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Hello there! :)

New York is one of those places that it does not matter how many times I visit, it will always feel like the first time. I had the opportunity to visit this past week with a chance to watch WHOWHATWEAR's first ever runway show. They were showcasing their spring collection capsule that's currently available on their site and on if I am not mistaken. I felt really lucky being there and I'm eternally grateful for it. Although the Winter time is not my particular favorite time to visit the big apple due to the cold weather, it was still a very memorable trip.

Through all the outfit changes, putting on tights, experiencing and being in the middle of a snow storm, flight changes, naps, people watching, I experienced NYC a little bit differently this time around, and it has truly made me play around with the thought of packing my bags and actually living there. The city is magic in my eyes, it makes me feel like no other place I've ever traveled to. It was my first time actually wearing a heavy coat and faux leather boots around the city; although it might sound silly, it actually made me feel fabulous and strong because the only other time I wear boots is in Miami and a couple hours into wearing them, I'm feeling hot and uncomfortable lol. NYC makes me feel invinsible, like I could do anything in my time on earth, and as much I can try to describe my feelings, it really is something that you have to experience yourself. With its rugged edges and charming little nooks waiting to be discovered, I can say that I walked the streets like a local. 

SO with that here are little pieces of New York City that I came to experience solely on my 5 senses and I hope you jot these down on your next NYC vacation/get-a-way.

SEE, the spectacular views on the brooklyn bridge. As some of you have already guessed it, its not my first time walking the Brooklyn bridge, but its always a spot I go back to because the views are nothing short of breathtaking. One of the things I love the most is that you could walk to the ending point of the bridge and be in a completely different part of town...its crazy! Also, I must mention that right by our hotel...there is so much to see! There's street art everywhere reminiscent of those pieces we have here in Wynwood in Miami. I also noticed a cute little park that was covered in snow by our hotel as well.

HEAR, the snow coming down outside of your window. This was a first for me because the last time I saw snow had to be when I was around 7-8 years old (it was in nyc too btw lol)! Not sure if you literally hear the snow falling but I know I did because the time I was there, a random snow storm hit imagine my surprise when I got out of bed and open the curtains to half of the Lower East side of New York in a blanket of snow! It was beautiful...but kind of scary too haha.


TASTE, the simple goodness of a freshly made crepe. My friend and I found an amazing little whole in the wall place that makes the most delicious crepes that will make your mouth water when you start reading the menu. It was also conviniently close to our hotel, so you could say we were frequent visitors there LOL. The one I had the times I went was " The famous Crepe", it has strawberries, banana, nutella, ice cream (yes I said ice cream) and whipped cream. And everything is freshly prepared in front of you! Put this on top of your list of places to visit ;)  You could visit their website here . I also found a place that makes amazing burgers and the most savory fries, EVER. I was singing the hallelujah chorus while I was eating (in my head of course lol)

Below: Mikey's Burgers (134 Ludlow st New York, NY 10002)

SMELL, the distinct aromas of what makes New York, New York...their pizza! I'm already getting hungry just thinking about it. I'm sure there are COUNTLESS pizza places in NYC but one that I always go back to is "Ray's famous Pizza"! It's very affordable and its right in the middle of the times square area. Located here: 831 7th ave New York, NY 10019 (Sry, no photos, now you know the pizza is bomb if I didn't have "time" to take photos lol)

TOUCH, the steps up to Rockerfeller center...during the Winter time! This is one of my most memorable moments. I've never seen the ice skating rink in action during the Winter. I usually visit NYC in the Summer time and during this time the "ice skating rink" is just another area to sit and down and eat. This was really special to me to be able to see it.

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  1. OMG! everyone's dream is to visit big apple, and i'm one of those. NYC is a very nice place. Love reading your experience i hope i can go there soon ^^

    1. aw thanks so much ! NYC is truly magical.I hope you plan your trip soon. You will definitely love it ! Let me know if you have any questions