Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hi everyone :) Hope you enjoyed your weekend, I know I did. Although this one in particular went by so quickly and we also had crazy weather changes. This past Saturday, I decided to go out to Wynwood because it had been a while since I last visited.
And of course I pick the worst day to go lol. There was a music festival happening around the area and I completely forgot about it! Needless to say, it was a mission to do anything but I still enjoyed myself. My mom and I went to walk around and look at the art that they have displayed in their main Wynwood gallery and along the buildings in the area. She loves going so we both had a good time. We went to eat at Coyo Taco, one of my favorite spots in the area because they have amazing mexican food! We also found a cute ice cream place that I can't wait to go back . I love discovering new spots; this one is called "Serendipity Creamery" and this location just opened up not too long ago! They had delicous and old fashioned ice cream..yum!  And of course it was a perfect day for a shoot, so I decided to take an OOTD for the blog :)

So this was a pretty simple outfit. I picked up this bodysuit a couple days ago from Discovery and it was only $4 and so comfortable. I paired it with my fav ripped denim and added a chambray top on top of the bodysuit to finish it. I also paired it with my bow heels. I feel these type of heels jazz up any outfit. Any heel that has a exaggerated embellishment instantly makes your outfit more special in my eyes :) Also easy pieces like these are so great for Spring because you could pair with many other options as well.

Thanks Mom for helping me take these photos. ;)

This is the ice cream place I found ! Cute little shop with a huge personality and immense Miami flavor.

Located at: 421 NW 26th st
                    Miami, FL 33217

Chambray Top: Here and here
Bodysuit: Discovery / also try this one and this one!
Jeans: Charlotte Russe / so many styles!
Choker Necklace: Dainty Grayce
Heels: Go Jane /similar style here

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